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Akupress A

The Kufferath Akupress A is a screw press for the dewatering of pulp reject / rejects from the recycling. It was produced in various sizes.

Operation principals:
The rejects are fed to the screw via filler chute of the screw press and propelled by the screw towards the press exit. The exit opening is kept closed by a conical ring which opens only when the internal pressure exceeds the pressing pressure set by means of a pneumatic ballowcylinder.
The internal pressure is builtup by the screws action on the rejects to be dewatered. This pressure drives the free water of the rejects through perforations of the basket enclosing the screw. Solids are retained and expelled by the screw through the press exit aperture.

– A wide filler chute on the crew press gives an input free from blockages.

– Generous depth of the conveying spiral and its large pitch allow the input of large solid lumps.

– Both screw and basket are cylindrical and hence nonclogging. The pressing pressure is created solely by a conical throttling ring.

– The press opening is positively closed by the cone and this allows an input of very low consistency rejects.

– The cone is positioned by a pneumatic cylinder. This makes it possible to set the pressing pressure reproducibly at any level required independent of the throughput quantity. On the other hand, it also allows automatic adjustment of the throttling aperture (i.e. the press opening) to the throughput.

– The screw is supported by bearings at both ends. The whole press splits horizontally and this ensures simple maintenance.

– The perforated basket consists of two half-shells laid or welded into a supporting structure which takes up the applied stresses.

– The preforated basket is fully enclosed so that the presswater can be drained without splashing.

– Important components like motor, gears, bearings and pneumatic cylinder are not specially made but are standard products of reputable manufacturers. This simplifies stocking of spares.

– To prolong the life of the screw, all parts subjects to abrasion are clad in highly wear resistant material. Repeated renewal of this wear layer is easily possible.

Drawing of a Kufferath Akupress A screw press


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Washer Vario Split for ash removal

Washer Vario split

The Washer Vario Split is a machine for
washing fibre stock suspensions in the low density
range, i.e. for removing finest particles such as
e.g. ash and inactive fines as well as printing

ink particles detached from the fibre up to a grain
size of 30 – 40 pm. The long and short fibre content
is thereby increased in comparison to the composition
of the stock fed in. At the same time, thickening of
the fibre stock suspension takes place. At inlet
stock consistencies of 0.4 – 1.3 %, outlet stock con—
sistencies up to lo % are reached, depending on type
of stock and operating conditions.

side view of a vario split washer
side view of a vario split washer


The low density suspension supplied is distributed
by two distribution pipes uniformly onto the fish—
tail dies of the headboxes and sprayed into the
wedges between the turning wire and the central
rolls. Due to the one-sided dewatering between cen—
tral rolls and wire, a fibre web is formed which
runs along with the central roll and which is
picked—up by a doctor. The filtrate is collected

in a collecting tray and discharged.

Design of the machine

The frame is made up of MSH—hollow sections and
connected with cross beams. The construction ele—
ments are carried by foundation rails. The head—
boxes are screwed onto the frame.

The central rolls and all other lead rolls are pro—
vided with a rubber cover and supported on the frame.
The individual rolls are cleaned by means of doctors.
Two sticky doctors can be provided for cleaning the
central rolls.

The wire is tensioned via pneumatic cylinders. The
wire tension, which can be set according to the dia—
gram, must not exceed 7 N/mm. During wire change,
the roll automatically moves to run-in position when
the air pressure is removed.

For wire regulation, a guide roll is controlled by a
pneumatically working controller, for which special
instructions are enclosed.

When changing the rolls in the machine, they must be
placed on a roll board and removed from the machine.

For dismounting the lower central roll, an I—profile has
to be mounted in front of the roll, via which the roll
can be removed from the machine. The support under the
roll is removed simultaneously.

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Reject press / compactor by Trummer Type KRI

Reject press Trummer KRI

The reject press Type KRI was made by the Swiss company Trummer in several sizes. For example in size KRI 40 with a screw diameter of 370 mm. This type of machine is in use for the dewatering of pulper rejects.

Reject press drawing of the spare part list KRI
Reject press drawing of the spare part list KRI


The manual book in German language of a Trummer KRI 40 reject press  is available from Paptec.

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Wire press Escher Wyss SP 1 C, 2 C, 3 C

Wire press Escher Wyss SP 1 C, SP 2C,  SP 3 C,

The wire press SPC was made in three different working widths. 1100mm, 1200 mm  and 2650 mm.



Operation instructions in English language (Password is required)


Dimension drawing (Password is required)


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Screw press Thune SP 32

The Thune SP screw press is available in different sizes:

Screw press Thune s SP 32,

The different capacities of each Thune screw press, varying
from 10 to 1000 metric tons/day with discharge stock
consistencies of around 30%, ensure excellent dewatering
performance for many different operating conditions. The
screw press can be used for a variety of dewatering and
washing applications in mechanical, recycled and chemical
pulp processes.