Double disc refiner Escher Wyss DSR

Escher Wyss Double disc refiner DSR

The Refiner DSR was produced by former exisiting company Escher Wyss which was taken over by Voith . It was available in three sizes DSR 1 / DSR 2 /DSR 3 and also in 2 different versions type CP and type HEP.

It is suitable for any pumpable suspension up to a consistency of approx. 6 % . Depending on the kind of fibre stock and the required stock and sheet characteristics, the refiner DSR is  suitable for either fibrillating, cutting or brushing of fibres. The refiner can be adapted to a variety of tasks by various refiner fillings and the possibility of adjusting the specific edge load.

Working Principle
The fibre stock is passed through the inlet to the refining areas in either single or double flow. A satisfactory exchange of stock between rotor and stator is effected due to a suitable design of the  flow cross section of the refiner filling, refining surface and edge length. The necessary buffer of  stock is thus built up between the refining surfaces ensuring exceptionally uniform fibre treatment.  The space between rotor and stator controls the refining results and can be precision adjusted by
means of the mechanical adjusting device. The power consumption varies with the space between the refining discs as does the specific edge load. Consequently the power consumption can be used  as measure for the actual beating effect of the refiner. By the new way of stock flow in the machine, the stock pressure acts on the adjustable stator from both sides. In this way, the load is largely removed from the mechanical adjusting device and it only  has to transmit axial forces for adjustment of the beating output.

Second hand refiner DSR 1 by Escher Wyss (Now Voith) in refurbished condition supplied by paptec


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