Algas Filter in various sizes

The Algas Filter / Microfilter is highly flexible and can be used for a wide variety of applications

Raw/River/Bore hole water
Fitted with a fine cloth, Microfilters are used for both river water and re-circulated in water cooling towers etc.

Stock preparation
Treating the filtrate from screw presses with the possibilities of recovering for re-use the clear water and saving the fibre, if appropriate. In some cases the water is passed forward to the bio-plant if it is not re-used. The Microfilter can also be used in this application to act as a fractionator, separating fines and ash from good fibre.

Treating dip sludge
A comparatively new application where instead of passing DIP Sludge to the primary effluent flow where it will add considerably to the contamination, the sludge is treated separately by a Microfilter, it passing directly to the effluent plant sludge presses and the clear filtrate being re-used back in the DIP plant.

Fibre and water recovery
Treating excess white water, saving fibre and providing a clarity of clear filtrate to safely replace fresh water on wire showers and other re-use areas. In this application it offers a more reliable solution than for example DAF Flotation units or Disc Filter solutions as it neither depends on vacuum/drop legs or generally the use of polymer and the resulting filtrate from Microfilters can said to be consistently reliable and “fibre free”.

Polishing after existing savealls
The “clear” water from most types of saveall generally varies in clarity and invariably contains fibre. This is the reason why our concept is installed to treat the “Clear” water from other savealls, such as Disc filters and DAF Flotation units, to provide a large amount of Super Clear quality water for safe re-use.

Polishing vacuum pump water
Felt hairs, cellulose debris etc. to re-use the water.

Primary effluent treatment
Initially considered impossible by most consultants, our Microfilters are used in the primary treatment position instead of or in conjunction with existing Sedimentation basins. It offers a very compact (5% of the holding capacity of sedimentation for the same capacity), fast installation (generally 1 week) which is very flexible in operation and because of the very short dwell time in the unit, minutes instead of hours. Consequently the sludge is not degraded making following thickening easier and provides the possibility for the fibre to be re-used in some production qualities, fluting, etc. Providing a good clarity to any following bio system reduces the amounts of bio sludge and subsequently chemical for thickening and disposal costs.

Polishing after bio sedimentation
To ensure the quality of resulting water can be discharged within statutory limits or re-used back in the process, depending on the type of production. The ALGAS Microfilters in all these application areas are essentially the same and so can, if required, be exchanged for any other application. This means that Microfilters DO cover more application areas than any other single type of concept. There are more special applications such as for Black, Red & Green Liquor and part of a plant to recover coating clay as well as in wet non-woven production units.
Special applications


Features & Benefits
  • Recovering fibre & raw materials
  • Reducing water consumption by increasing the quality and quantity of treated water for safe re-use
  • Saving a lot of energy by replacing cold fresh water with warm treated water
  • Retaining power, energy and heat with the recycled water
  • Reducing effluent discharge flows
  • Meeting discharge standards


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