SDM refiner Voith, double disc in various sizes

The SDM Refiner is a double disc refiner and was made by Voith in different sizes.

05 SDM / 0 SDM / 1 SDM / 2 SDM / 3 SDM

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Operation data of Voith sdm refiner
Operation data of Voith sdm refiner
Application of SDM refiner

The double-disk refiner type SDM is used for the refining of pulps, defibered semi-chemical pulps, straw pulp, secondary fibers and fiberboard stock.

Design and Principle of Operation

The double-disk refiner consists of a housing with a hinged housing cover  bolted to its tending side. An adjustable press cover and the associated adjusting gear are mounted inside the housing cover. The adjusting gear essentially consists of a screw jack driven by a pole-changing electric motor; the screw jack shifts cover in axial direction. Running in roller bearings, shaft carries an axially adjustable rotor, fitted with refining disks on either side. The torque is transmitted by the positive locking of the spline shaft teeth. The stator-side refining disks, together with the refining disks  of the rotor form a double-disk tackle. As the rotor is axially adjustable, the tackle forms a self-contained system of forces. Therefore, the bearings are not affected by the axial forces set up as refining disk positioning torque. As the double-disk tackle is positioned by axial adjustment of the refining disk, the distance between the two stator disks is varied. While the stock is entering and in the case of small gap width, the axially adjustable rotor assumes, due to the equilibrium of hydraulic forces, a central position between the two stator-side halves of the tackle so that the gap widths on both sides are approximately the same. For smaller throughputs, the stock enters the refiner through an inlet elbow, while for normal and larger throughputs it is fed through both inlet elbow and inlet branch of the refiner tackle, see Fig. 1 and 2…

The manual book in German language of the Voith 05 SDM  Refiner is available under this link. (Password is required)

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Grubbens Horizontal pulper Typ W15-82/84S

Der Grubbens Pulper Typ W15-82/84S  in horizontaler Bauweise ist ein Behälter mit seitlich montierter Rotor Einheit. Das Ziel ist trockenes Material mit Flüssigkeit in eine pumpbaren Suspension aufzulösen.
 Pulper sind für ein spezifisches Material konstruiert, z.B. Papierbahn, Ausschuss, Ballen, usw. Die Flüssigkeit kann Frischwasser, Rückwasser, Säure usw. sein. Hinweis hierzu findet man in  „Technische Daten“. In einem Pulper wird Trockenes Material (TS =30-94%) mit Flüssigkeit zugesetzt und gleichzeitig abgepumpt.. Dieses wird kontinuierlich Betrieb genannt.

The manual book / Operating instructions in German language of the Grubbens Pulper Typ W15-82/84S is available under this link. (Password required)

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