Multifractor Voith MF 110, 210, 310

The Voith Multifractor MF is available in three different sizes as used machine.

Multifractor MF 110, Multifractor MF 210, Multifractor MF 310,

Used Voith Multifractor MF 210 in the Paptec-Warehouse












The MULTFRACTOR Voith MF is used for the continuous separation of paper stock suspensions,  e.g. from waste paper or wood pulp in two fractions. Generally speaking, a separation into  50 % by weight each is aimed at. At a consistency of 3-4 %, a fraction is separated which is heavily concentrated with long fibres and contains most of the contaminants. In many cases it is then sufficient to refine and clean only this small quantity of stock. The other fraction contains mainly short-fibres, is very clean and can frequently be sent to the approach flow system direct.


Basic arrangement and operation

The pre-screened stock is pumped through the inlet of the screen and then enters the interior of a stationary screen basket with fine holes. This has the capability of retaining long fibres and contaminants. Located in the screen basket is a rotor with cleaning vanes grazing close to the screen area. The long fibres retained by the screen basket, as well as  paper flakes, plastic film, shives and other foreign matter, are conveyed by the flow and the action of the vanes into the lower section of the MULTIFRACTOR, from where they are
discharged. The quantity of the discharged, long-fibre-laden fraction can be matched to the respective conditions by means of a manual regulating valve. When heavily contaminated stock has to be handled, it may be necessary to bring this valve intermittently into the wide open position briefly by means of a pneumatic servocylinder. The contaminants discharged along with the long-fibre stock are removed by fine
screening at low consistency.



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